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Loop parts of any Web Video


With this nifty little App and Browser-Extension you take control over any online video. You can either use the buttons or assign switches from any foot switch (MIDI or Keystroke) for these features:

Regular Controls

Of course you will have your regular video controls. Play/pause the video or forward/rewind the video by 5 seconds.


Have a looper-pedal for videos. Press the button once to set the loop in point and press a second time to set the end of the loop. A thrid time clears the loop again.

Control the speed

Slow the video down without changing the pitch. There are two buttons to either increase or decrease the video in 5% steps.

Built-In Metronome

There is a built in metronome so you can practice the parts you would like to learn in time.

External Controller

FiveLoop works with any MIDI or keystroke controller like a foot-switch-pedal. No matter if connected over USB or bluetooth. (Please note that Firefox does currently not support MIDI)

Endless Content

We support almost any HTML5-Video website (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, ..). If your favourite site is not working just contact me.


FiveLoop works with any MIDI or keystroke foot-switch-pedal. I recomment either the Icon G-Board USB or Airturn BT200S-6 Bluetooth. Both can be bought here:

Get it now!

Get FiveLoop now for your favourite Browser, Tablet or Phone:

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